UI Design



Spring 2018

Split is a mobile app that allows you to pay for what you ordered in an easy and effective way. Split syncs to venmo to easily transfer money, so that one person can cover the whole bill. As long as one person has the app, everyone can view their totals.

Project Details

For my Interaction Design II course, I was challenged to create a mobile application focusing largely on the user experience and user interface. I initially came up with three possible mobile applications to design, but eventually settled on a mobile app to easily split receipts with others. 


While the focus of this semester was on UX design, I continued to develop branding that would contribute to the UI design. Eventually I settled on a logo that played on splitting the words, like the receipt, and I chose vibrant colors that would pop throughout the UI making each user easy to distinguish.

Sync Venmo.png
UX Design & User Testing

While working on the branding, I began wireframes for every screen. Using paper prototyping as well as Invision, I tested my prototype to find areas of pain. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 9.37.07 PM.png
Low Fidelity Prototype

In the first round of UX design, I created a simple design that was used for paper prototyping in which each screen was printed and used in user testing to identify areas of confusion. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 9.37.20 PM.png
Mid Fidelity Prototype

In the second round of UX design, I applied the changes from paper prototyping and began to add UI elements. Here I decided to distinguish each user by color and quickly found that shades of grey were too limiting and confusing when there are many users.