Behind Your Makeup




Fall 2016

Behind Your Makeup is a campaign focused on informing women of the animal cruelty that takes place in order to 
test their makeup. Behind Your Makeup will ultimately encourage women to stop using cosmetics that have been tested on animals. The campaign will also inspire its audience to sign the petition to end animal testing. 


This 2D poster uses bright, vibrant colors to draw in the audience. A photograph of eye shadow is used to recreate the shadow of a bunny. 

3D Cutout Poster

The 3D posters are used in a guerilla marketing fashion. The cutout of the bunny is used to reveal makeup brands that test on animals. The QR code will provide the viewer with further information regarding their products and a link to sign the petition to end animal testing. 

Mobile App

This app provides the user with further information regarding cosmetic testing as well as the ability to scan their products to see if they are cruelty free. This app also provides the user with the option to sign a petition to end animal testing.