UI & UX Design



January  – May 2019

Collaborated with a team of designers and developers at Northeastern’s student-led design studio to create brand elements and UI/UX design for an asthma tracking mobile application. 

Project Details

As a design lead for Scout, I lead a team of two designers and collaborated with three developers on a mobile application project. Our client, BreatheEasy, was looking to create a mobile application that would allow children and parents to manage their child's asthma symptoms, triggers and flare ups. Our team’s job was to design and build a product that would follow these goals, as well as create an identity system to fit the brand.

Illustrations and Icons

Once we had a final logo, we moved on to illustrations and icons. These elements were made to make the application feel welcoming to children and parents alike. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 2.18.39 PM.png
Mobile Application

While designing the brand, we were also working on the user experience and design for the mobile application. The project involved a lot of research into the asthma action plan to fully understand the prototype and all the steps we would need to include. Once we understood the details, we began by outlining the user experience through wireframes. After completing the user experience, we moved into UI design, applying colors, patterns, icons and gradients that reflected the brand. 

To summarize the semester's worth of design decisions, my design team created brand guidelines for future use.